Dr. Chou joined the Three Rivers Orthopedic Associates team in 2011. He graduated with honors from Brigham Young University and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed his residency through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Like many of the partners in the practice, Dr. Chou worked alongside his future co-workers during his hand and upper extremity fellowship.

“I was very impressed at the professionalism and skill of my partners. They’re excellent clinicians,” said Dr. Chou, who also said he is proud to work at a practice that can address all patient concerns. “We all have general orthopaedic experience and all of the orthopaedic specialties are covered.”

When he is not in the operating room, you may find Dr. Chou speaking at the practice’s community library lecture series. He also has been widely published in professional journals and has spoken at various professional events.

In addition to his surgical talents, Dr. Chou is also musically and athletically-inclined. He plays the piano, organ, cello and most sports.