A 20-year veteran practitioner, Dr. Gaffney is one of the newest partners in the practice. He completed his undergraduate training at the College of Holy Cross and attended medical school at the University of Pittsburgh. He joined Pittsburgh’s Orthopaedic Surgical Associates and frequently worked alongside Three Rivers Orthopedic Associates’ surgeons.

Dr. Gaffney joined Three Rivers Associates in 2009 after Orthopaedic Surgical Associates dissolved.

He is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons and he specializes in joint replacements, arthroscopic surgery, hand surgery and pediatric work.

“I enjoy the fact that I take care of people from small children to geriatric patients. I like the variety and there are a lot of cases where we fix something and patients are better fairly quickly. You can see the results in a shorter time frame,” said Dr. Gaffney, who also shared his personal patient care approach.

Dr. Gaffney has been published in The Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Journal and has given community lectures on joint replacement.