The most senior partner at Three Rivers Orthopedic Associates, Dr. Papas joined the practice in 1985. He teamed up with founding partners, Dr. Kraus and Dr. McClain and together they brought the practice to UPMC St. Margaret. He has worked to build the practice’s reputation for patient-centered care ever since.

“It’s the way the group functions… we take care of each other’s patients. We all have niches, so it helps to do what’s best for the patients,” said Dr. Papas. “I would say that we are able to treat 95-98% of all orthopaedic problems. We can effectively and efficiently see patients… that’s our strong suit.”

According to Dr. Papas, who specializes in total hip and knee replacements and arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee, the practice evolves with technology.

“We recently redesigned the office more for the patients to see the surgeons more effectively. So, they don’t wait or, at least, we can minimize the wait time,” said Dr. Papas. “We have a central x-ray area that includes high-speed digital resolution equipment to minimize x-ray exposure and efficiently treat our patients.”

Dr. Papas is certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.