UPMC has recently built a brand new, state-of-the-art Spine Center located on Route 19 in Wexford across from the Walnut Grill Restaurant and is unlike any other facility in the country!

  • Parking is FREE and is located close to the building.
  • The registration process is fast, easy, and headache-free with our new registration kiosks that allow you to register yourself and quickly check in WITHOUT waiting!
  • Our Rehab Services and Recovery Center is located on the first floor, so anyone who is in need of treatment will have easy access without having to go anywhere else.
  • An on-site imaging department gives you access to x-rays and MRI’s, so that you can get everything you need in one location!

The newest technology specifically designed to care for spinal conditions and injuries AND access to the best doctors in the city makes our new facility the ONLY choice for your spinal care needs.

If you or a loved one is suffering from neck or back pain, then set up an appointment today by calling us at 412-782-3990.