25-year-old German Olympic gymnast, Andreas Toba, becomes a country's hero after tearing his ACL during the men's floor event, and then hours later completing his pommel horse event to help Germany advance to the next round!

Even though Germany finished 7th in the team all-around and did not medal, this act of bravery will go in history and Toba will always be recognized for his legendary performance to help his team qualify.

Unfortunately, injuries like this happen every day to local athletes. Most are not attempting world-record breaking feats. Instead, most injuries like this happen to good kids who are just trying to play their game and give it their all.

When injuries like this happen, you can trust UPMC – St. Margaret's and our team of talented, board-certified surgeons (who use the latest treatment options and medical advances) to be here to help you safely get back to the sport or activity you love so dearly – whether you're playing for your local school or training to be an Olympic hero someday!